Conservation South Luangwa: Protecting the wildlife

Conservation South Luangwa works with the local community and various conservation organisations to protect and preserve the wildlife and ecosystems of South Luangwa.

They do a variety of work such as wildlife rescue and de-snaring of animals, training of scouts to help in law-enforcement and reduce poaching, raising and training of detection dog units that help find contrabands and catch offenders and work with the local people to try and mitigate people and animals conflicts. 

CSL was funded by Rachel McRobb ten years ago and is the area’s largest non-profit anti-poaching and community conservation organisation in South Luangwa. 

How it works

Wildlife rescue and de-snaring:

They combat this by deploying regular anti-snaring patrols to remove snares from the bush and by immobilising and rescuing snared animals. 

Law enforcement support:

CSL supports 65 community based scouts to help the Department of National Parks and Wildlife protect the flora and fauna of the Luangwa Valley. They help by paying salaries, providing technical support, patrol equipment, rations, training and transport. They also assist with aerial surveillance and monitoring to help detect any illegal activities including carcasses, poacher’s camps, illegal fires and drying racks.

Human/wildlife conflicts mitigation:

Communities surrounding the national park face severe crop and property damages from elephants that are unable to resist the sweet taste of maize, vegetables and fruits such as mangos. In order to mitigate this, CSL has a large scale human wildlife conflict mitigation program centered around the use of chilli as a mitigation measure.

Detection dog unit:

Detection dogs are increasingly being used to reduce wildlife trafficking by detecting wildlife contraband. Set up in 2014 in partnership with DPNW, the CSL Detection Dog Unit was Zambia’s first sniffer dog unit that works to detect illegal wildlife products and firearms being used and smuggled within and out of Zambia.

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