Mulberry Mongoose: Jewelleries that make a difference

Mulberry Mongoose is made up of a group of talented Zambian ladies who use snare wire traps found by anti-poaching patrols in South Luangwa National Park to make beautiful, hand-made jewellery.

For each piece of jewellery sold they make a donation to Conservation South Luangwa to help their law enforcement unit which preserve the local wildlife and their dedicated team of vets who remove snares from injured animals.

Their most famous collection mixes such snare wires with semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls and hand carved wooden beads. 

Snare wire made from steel is hard to work with but women here under the guidance of Grace, a five foot tall mother of one, has learned to coil and flatten it to create "beauty from brutality".

Their workshop is located about 5 minutes off-road from Mfuwe village. There you can browse and buy their gorgeous jewelleries. 

By buying their hand-crafted items, you are also supporting local women in an area where unemployment is high and the valuable income they make helps them provide for their families. 

They are always trying to find new and innovating ways to use locally sourced materials such as guinea fowl feathers or wooden bend to give as many people as possible an additional income. 

Their craftswomen are trained to hand carve these various materials using basic carpentry tools and reclaimed wood, giving each one a gorgeous, rustic character. 

Each gift bags they pack your jewellery in is sewn locally using "chitenge" material which is traditionally used by Zambians to hold their babies, wrap themselves in and protect and carry things that are special to them.

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Picture: Mulberry Mongoose