Editor's note: 2020 - New year, new chapter, new way of living

Let's face it. The majority of people are unhappy. Most of us wake up already exhausted in the morning to do a job we hate and come back home at night even more tired and demotivated, our minds unable to unplug as the phone vibrates again and again and new emails and social media alerts pop up. Unhealthy frozen meals are quickly heated up in the microwave, the kids put in front of the TV or tablet to keep them busy because no one has the energy to play with them or read them a story anymore. 

The same bleak routine repeats itself for years until (maybe) enough money is saved up for a holiday. Yet even then, most of us have to watch how much we are spending and when we come back we feel as unfulfilled, having not had enough time to truly enjoy ourselves and pause in this fast-paced life, if not worse because of the post-holidays blues now dragging us down. 

That was me a few year ago. I wanted the world to change. I wanted out. So instead of looking outside for an answer, I looked within. You see, it is not us who are flawed. It is our belief system(s). 

We have been conditioned to believe that we have to go to school to learn how to get a job that is already out there, to earn a salary to sustain a family and to work like this until we die, and maybe, in between, manage to save enough for our strained and weary bodies and minds to finally relax without feeling guilty about it. 

This is life. Or is it? As we walk into a brand new decade, this year 2020, I want to take this opportunity to remind each and everyone that it doesn't have to be that way. We are way more capable, creative and powerful than we think. 

And how we think is what makes all the difference 

Imagine that you are a lightbulb. Someone put that lightbulb in a corner of an old attic and forgot about it. Over the years, dust, spider webs, rags and old carton boxes have been added on top, literally covering up your lightbulb so that the room is completely dark. But your light was on from the very beginning. That no one can see that light (yet!) doesn't actually matter. It is still shining just as bright under all the clutter. 

And if you start thinking of your life like this, you can start realising that before even removing negative people and things in your outside world, you can simply pull away those dirty and unnecessary layers of self-limiting beliefs. You must unlearn everything you think you know about the world. 

People turn to meditation or to taking a walk in the woods for this to happen. But this cannot a fleeting process or a matter for a day. You need to do the work all the time, so that each layer is fully removed and thrown away never to be seen again. Whatever you were taught, throw it away! Redefine who you are by re-creating all of your belief system(s) to suit what you truly want in life. 

Take the example of someone who loves to draw, but has always been told this "hobby" of his or her is "futile" and will never get them a proper job, so they must instead focus on studying and earning a living as an accountant. Deep down, the desire to draw has always been there, their inner creative genius and light always shining, but it is completely suffocated by the "stuff" thrown over it. All his or her life that person has heard things like: "drawing will never bring you any money", "there are so many artists out there, why would your drawings be different", "you simply can't do what you want, you have to make a living", "drawing is only for children", "it is just a hobby" etc. 

This person, once he or she realises they have the power to change their belief system(s), and thus their life, will start understanding that reality doesn't have to be like this at all. 

He or she can peel off all of the beliefs that don't serve his or her inner desire - or passion - (to draw). As it goes, what will then only remain is that creative energy to simply sit and let their imagination go wild. 

As time goes by, they will stop doing the job they hated, and start being who they truly are. In no time, the simple acknowledgement that this is what they truly and always wanted to do will have them think differently. 

"I love what I am doing". This turns quickly into "how can I make this my life?", and from there, the outside world will come to align itself with their inner world. This is the magic of life. When you do the inner work, the outside world or reality supports you!

Someone they knew from years back will stumble across their painting and love it and buy it,  for instance, or the artist could start selling work online, work for companies who need artistic remakes of their waiting rooms or halls, or they might travel the world and paint various scenes of life and make a book out of it, or even podcast tutorials of how they go about creating their artwork!

The possibilities are countless and endless. Simply finding what they truly love doing enabled their belief of the world "as it should be" to transform and become "the world as they see/want it", and their dream life becomes a reality.

There is no real secret here apart from perhaps the importance of "feeling". As you peel of the belief systems you have been conditioned to learn, your compass is "how you feel". What feels good to you is obviously right to you. What feels bad or uncomfortable you must discard. 

Why am I sharing this? 

First of all because I want 2020 to be a brand new chapter of a new way of living and BEing in the world. Let's take the time to BE who we truly are because surely by all being aligned with ourselves and doing what we all love, we will make our planet a better world for everyone. 

I hope more and more people will be able to listen to their inner guidance. All over the world, no matter where we are from, we all hold false beliefs that we have been conditioned to think as "true", instead of listening to our inner guidance. These are harmful to ourselves and to the environment we live in. 

As a result not only us and our families and friends but animals and our planet are suffering. It is now time to open a new chapter, and write down a new Book of Life as we WANT life to be! 

I am certain that everyone wants a world of peace, where we are all happy, loved and prosperous. 

If Africa has taught me something, it is this. Being able to live in the moment, and BE still, and be yourself. You can choose what you want your life to be like, and make it happen. It is up to you as no one else will do it for you since your goal, joy and purpose is yours only. Yet unlike being selfish, by doing this we become so much happier that we naturally contribute to creating a better world.

So I only wish you to step into this new year as if you are stepping into a brand new, magical world. One that YOU want to live in. If you want peace, BE peace, if you want to be loved, BE love, if you want to be creative, BE creative, if you want to be happy, BE happy, if you want animals to stop suffering, BE compassionate and spread gentleness, and if you want to be rich, BE rich of experiences and grateful for what you already have. 

Everything you think you are, you become. So think what you love, be what you love, and it is you/yours!

Also know that by just thinking about someone or something, you are sending a signal, much like a radio wave, that transcends time and space. Quantum physics is only starting to prove what we already knew. Hence the power of prayers, although no need to be religious for it to work.

And so I am sending everyone and all the animals in Australia positive thoughts, hope for rain and for all to recover quickly from this catastrophic situation. I trust that the bonding between people and animals will only grow stronger from this. 

And may this bond spread across the world so that we can start seeing animals truly as other living beings and souls walking and living alongside us, wanting nothing more than to simply BE, just like us!

Much love and blessings to all

Mahina Allkemya Zulu

Luangwa Wildlife Magazine editor-in-chief